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Workers' Compensation & Social Security Disability Attorneys

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Workers' Compensation and Social Security Disability Lawyers Serving Clients in Phoenix

Compassion for your loss, hard work to win your compensation

An injury that prevents you from working can be stressful and expensive.  If that injury occurs on the job, you should eventually be compensated. But the entire process — from seeking medical treatment to obtaining compensation — is subject to specific requirements under Arizona's workers' compensation laws.  In some instances, you can handle the claims filing yourself.  But often, your best chance of protecting your rights is to seek legal representation from the workers' compensation lawyers at Taylor and Associates.  For more than 40 years, our compassionate and capable attorneys have assisted injured workers in Phoenix and throughout Arizona.

Exploring every means of compensation for on-the-job injuries

There are several means by which an injured worker can obtain compensation or assistance. At Taylor and Associates, we seek relief for our clients through workers' comp, Social Security Disability law and civil actions. Our skilled workers' comp lawyers in Phoenix, and throughout Arizona can help you with:

Workers Compensation:  If you suffer an injury while working, you should be eligible for compensation for expenses related to your injury.  But, if your employer's insurance company denies your claim, you face a complicated appeals process and a legal battle against the insurance company's lawyers.  Each workers' compensation lawyer at Taylor and Associates has the skills and experience to level the playing field and ensure the best possible results for your case.  In fact, two of our workers' comp lawyers are former workers' compensation judges, and seven of our lawyers are workers' compensation certified specialists by the State Bar of Arizona, more than any other law firm in Arizona.

Social Security:  The Social Security Administration manages insurance and assistance for disabled citizens through two programs:

If you have a viable claim for Social Security Disability, Taylor and Associates can help.

Personal injury at work:  Personal injury lawsuits can be more beneficial for injured parties, because they allow recovery for "pain and suffering," while workers' comp does not. Unfortunately, workers' compensation laws in Arizona specifically prohibit injured workers from filing personal injury claims against their employers or other employees. However, if someone external to the company, such as the designer of an assembly line, has been negligent in creating an unsafe work area, a worker may file suit. Each worker compensation attorney at Taylor and Associates has the experience to assess claims and identify cases for additional compensation from the responsible parties.

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Taylor & Associates is Arizona's largest and most experienced workers compensation and social security disability legal team. If you need reliable assistance, consult their dedicated Phoenix attorneys today. They have been assisting clients in Arizona for more than 40 years.