Why You Need a Workers Compensation Attorney

Protecting your right to full and fair compensation

Workers compensation should be a straightforward process: You are injured, you receive care for your injury, you file a claim for compensation and you receive payment. Unfortunately, there are many factors at play that can complicate your claim, slowing its approval or leading to a denial. Recognizing these complications and addressing them in your initial claim is very important; if your initial claim is denied, you face a complicated and uncertain appeal process. For more than 35 years, Taylor and Associates has helped injured Arizona workers file claims and appeal denials.. We can assist you with many of the circumstances that make it necessary for you to hire a workers comp attorney in Phoenix or throughout Arizona.

Factors complicating a workers compensation claim

  • Insurance companies. Although workers compensation is mandated and administered by the state, the actual insurance coverage comes from private companies. These private insurers are responsible to their shareholders to make a profit, so they must evaluate every claim. If they see something suspicious, or simply incomplete, they will err on the side of denying your claim. If the insurer has received a high number of claims from your employer, the insurer may look suspiciously upon you. If you are claiming a permanent disability, the insurance company will be very motivated to fight your claim.
  • Doctors. Arizona workers compensation law allows employers to send their workers to a doctor of their choosing for an initial evaluation. Though the doctor has an ethical obligation to put you, the patient, first, the doctor's relationship with your employer, who sends numerous patients throughout the year, cannot be ignored. If you don't like this doctor's evaluation of your injury, you can seek a more favorable second opinion from a doctor of your choosing. However, you run the risk of appearing to "shop your injury around," which could hurt your claim.
  • Paperwork. This may sound unfair, but neatly written, thoroughly answered forms with correct spelling and grammar get more respect, regardless of the content. If filling out paperwork is not your thing, you'll be better served by letting a professional Phoenix workers comp attorney manage it.
  • The appeals process. This is where professional representation is vitally important. If your claim is denied, the process becomes harder, not easier. There are deadlines, documentation and hearings to manage. There are technical aspects of the law you must be aware of. If you filed your own claim and it was denied, you probably shouldn't try to evaluate on your own what went wrong. Rather than try to learn enough about the law and the process to make the necessary corrections before the deadline comes, refer your claim to a qualified workers comp attorney at Taylor and Associates.

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