Understanding Arizona Workers Compensation Law

Arizona workers compensation law requires most employers to carry workers compensation insurance, which is designed to cover an employee's medical treatment and other expenses for injuries sustained on the job, regardless of fault.  It is important for every Arizona worker to understand a bit about the law so you know what to do if you are injured—and when you need a workers compensation attorney from Taylor and Associates in Phoenix.

Arizona workers compensation law—the basics

Although the workers compensation claims process may seem to be relatively straightforward, the system has many detailed requirements and guidelines that can quickly complicate a claim.  The following are the basic requirements of the system:

  • Starting a claim.  In general, a claim begins when you notify your employer that you have been injured.  In non-emergency situations, your employer may choose the physician.  In other cases, you may choose your own physician.  It is important to note that compensation is not only provided for accidental injury—you can file claims for occupational injuries and illnesses as well.
  • Types of reimbursable medical expenses.  The system is generally designed to reimburse all expenses related to your treatment and recovery, with no monetary or time limits.
  • Disability payments.  If you are temporarily disabled and unable to work, payments are made for temporary total disability (TTD) over the period of disability based on a percentage of your wages and subject to a weekly maximum.  The same rules apply to permanent total disability (PTD) benefits, which also continue for the duration of the disability.
  • Death benefits.  A surviving spouse—or spouse and children—can file for death benefits based on a percentage of the employee's wages and subject to a maximum.

When you need Phoenix worker comp attorneys

In many cases—particularly when injuries are not severe—employees can work directly with their employers to file claims.  However, your employer's insurance company may deny your claim altogether or reduce the amount of benefits paid.  If you cannot reach a resolution with your employer's insurance company, you need the help of a workers comp attorney skilled in this specialized area of the law.

Taylor and Associates has a large staff of experienced attorneys with the specialized skills needed to protect the right of injured employees:

Contact our experienced Phoenix workers compensation attorneys

When you are injured on the job, you should not have to pay out of pocket for the expenses you incur.  If your claim has been denied or reduced, the skilled attorneys at Taylor and Associates have the specialized skills to obtain the best possible results for your claim.  Contact Taylor and Associates today for a free initial consultation to discuss your case.  You pay no fee until you win.

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