Congratulations to Kathleen M. Bergman on her retirement!

After 35 years of representing injured workers in workers’ compensation claims, Kathy is enjoying the next phase of her life.

At Taylor & Associates, we’re flattered and honored that Kathy has entrusted us to take over the care and servicing of her many clients. We pledge to give each of them the same level of service that they were used to receiving from Kathy. Chris Gulinson, who trained under Kathy before joining Taylor & Associates in 2010, will be the attorney assigned to each of Kathy’s incoming clients.

Also, we’re very pleased to announce that Kathy’s longtime Assistant, Linda Samaniego, has joined Taylor & Associates and is working with Chris to ensure uninterrupted service for Kathy’s former clients. Linda will soon be helping us with our many clients too.

Since 1975, Taylor & Associates has been one of Arizona’s leading firms representing injured and disabled people in workers’ compensation and social security disability claims. If you have questions about workers’ compensation or social security disability, contact us at 602-254-1977 or