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Shirley Carlen-Ralls Workers of Arizona | Workers Compensation | Taylor and Associates

After a devastating injury on the job, Shirley tells her story of what is was like before she met Mr. Taylor and filed her workers' compensation claim.

“I was in the back and I lifted a case of mouthwash. I was putting them over onto a flat cart to take them out and stock the shelf and when I did, I did something, and I couldn’t even move after that...

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Taylor and Associate| Independent Contractor

Knowing whether you’re classified as an employee or an independent contractor helps define what kind of benefits your company owes you. Unlike employees, independent contractors pay their own taxes, own insurance and medical plans and they’re not eligible for overtime. Because of this, many industries – especially construction and agriculture– use the independent contractor relationship to save money.

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Taylor and Associates | workers comp

You might be thinking, “I’m being honest about my injuries and my doctor thinks I’m disabled, isn’t that all the proof Social Security needs?”

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Taylor and Associate| filing claim

Filing a workers’ compensation claim in Arizona starts with reporting an injury to your company, through a supervisor, or if none is available, a co-worker. Do this either in person, or if necessary over the phone, shortly after the accident. You should make a record of the date and time and name of the person you talked to, for future reference if necessary.

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