Due to the recession in the 2007-2010 era, the number of disability claims filed increased dramatically at that time. A large portion of the population were "baby boomer" at that time which also increased the number of claims filed. Fueled additionally by a large reduction in the Social Security budget in 2010, timeframes to get through the disability process increased. Although there seems to be some improvement in the timing, the average period of time to get through the applications process is still taking 4-6 months on the average. If you are denied at the application stage, the next appeal is the reconsideration stage. That stage is again taking 4-6 months on average. If you are denied at the reconsideration stage, an appeal to see a judge must be made. That process currently is taking 6-15 months depending on several issues. Covid 19 has taken its toll on the process and Social Security offices and hearing offices have been closed to the public for months. If you are denied by the judge, appealing to the Appeals Council is the next step. The Appeals Council is still a part of the Social Security Administration whose appeal process is taking anywhere from 6 to 15 months as well.