What people are saying

Robert Hockman, Google review

I just want to start by saying, Taylor and associates are second to none. I have needed an attorney on two cases. One being Workman's Comp, and the other for SSD. I have needed an attorney on two cases. Both times they were very prompt in handling my cases. They are very compassionate towards their clients, and leave you with a very comforting feeling that you are being taken care through the whole process. I highly recommend them for all your needs.

William Price, Google review

I have worked with Taylor and Associates over the last four years. I have never had a better experience with any organization. I have had multiple injury claims and they were able to obtain the surgeries and disability payments related to both injuries from the insurance carriers. I have received service above and beyond what I expected. This is the finest workman’s comp firm I have heard of – they even got my case that was closed in 1999, by the carriers, reopened to provide the surgeries to repair the damage to my knees and provide the disability payments to help us to survive.

Susan Orchard, Google review

They are awesome and did a great job on my on my brother's death-on-the-job case. We recommend them to anyone and would use them again.

Guy Pinto, Google review

What a blessing the referral to Taylor and Associates has been, they’ve given me peace of mind from the start.

Shirley Carlen-Ralls

My attorney is just so helpful and such a nice man - I wouldn’t trade him for anything! He’s just been so good to me, there’s just no way I would ever change law firms, as you can see, I’ve been with them for over 40 years! I would tell anyone who needed an attorney for an injury, definitely, to go see Taylor and Associates.

Robert Hudson

My attorney was really cool about making me feel comfortable. A long time ago I shopped around, but I didn’t like what I saw in any other firms, so I went to talk to Taylor and Associates and they put me right at ease. My attorney didn’t BS me and I like that. I recommend Taylor and Associates all the time. There aren’t a lot of lawyers that call you after surgery just to check on you.

Larry Reynolds

Taylor and Associates worked so hard for me. Every time I had to go in front of another attorney, I felt so confident, they prepared me so well. You can always could on them taking care of you, I never had to worry. I really like them as people, too. They fight for you and take care of you. Taylor and Associates is the only way to go!

Zejna Zecevic

Words can’t explain how wonderful my experience was; Taylor and Associates has a special place in my heart. They make everybody feel like family members - every time I think of them I feel like I’m going to cry. The world has to know that somewhere there are people who can still feel your problems. Whenever I find anyone who needs the help that I needed, I always recommend Taylor and Associates.

Ivan Avendano

I had both a workers’ comp and Social Security case with Taylor and Associates. Both of my attorneys won both cases and got me lots of benefits. My attorneys were great, they had great communication with me, everything was great!

Kathleen Andersen, Phoenix Fire Captain, Investigator and Paramedic

I was at a dead end, I needed surgery, I couldn’t walk. The Industrial Commission didn’t want to give me surgery, but Taylor and Associates got it for me, it was a life-saver. Both of the attorneys I worked with were highly intelligent, personable and knowledgeable. I’m not a suing person, but I felt that this was part of what my work owed me for doing my job. I would highly, highly recommend Taylor and Associates.