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Visiting Social Security? Read This First!

By Isis Rodriguez
By Isis Rodriguez

As a legal assistant for Taylor and Associates' Social Security Disability clients, I deal with the local Social Security Administration office all the time.

Not sure where your local office is? Check HERE before you go.

Recently, I myself had to make a trip the local Social Security office. While standing outside waiting for the office to open, a gentleman came out and asked if anyone was there only for a new Social Security card and BOOM, those few people were first inside of the building. It was nice to see Social Security Administration was willing to get people moving sooner rather than later.

Once I made it inside, I was greeted by a security guard and was checked for weapons. I was then asked for the reason of my visit and waited for my name to be called. After a brief wait, my name was called and I was prompted to go to a window where I met with a representative that handled my business.

The waiting area filled up quickly, but if you go early and are prepared with my 5 tips, your experience will be smooth and productive!